Accidents, Attacks and bad vibes in Pai

We’ve been in Pai nearly four days now and it hasn’t been much kind to us. Not too put too fine a point on it, but we’ve got good use out of our first aid kits. Yesterday I had a motorbike accident. We’d rented some scooters out and I hit a bump too fast and too hard. The bike went up in the air before hitting the centre of the road and sliding across to the far side. I was very lucky in hindsight. Walked away with a deep graze cut to the knee, another on my elbow, and some fairly minor cuts to my hands. Luckily I’d managed to keep my head up and didn’t hurt myself too bad. Two women from a nearby restaurant we’d ate at came running out and cleaned me up, and later Jimmy did a good job on my cuts too. I’ve been hobbling a bit today but hopefully I’ll be fine in a few days. No more bikes for me!

Prior to that some prick from London attacked James over nothing on our first night in Pai. Basically your man and two Belfast girls (of the Rangers supporting variety) got annoyed over something James may or may not have said and went for him. Your man had two buckets in him (a “bucket” contains a nagan of vodka, nagan of whiskey, red bull and sprite). I jumped in and some Israeli guys broke it up. Jimmy got some cuts to his hands but nothing major. Yesterday though he got bitten on the face by a Mosquitto and it swelled up a bit. As I said, the Gods have not been smiling on us here in Pai.

It’s a pity, because Pai is a pretty cool place. A small town in North-East Thailand, the vibe her is laid back and hippie. Again it’s like Glasto with all the bars and cafes playing the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Sixties tunes and Jazz.

Prior to that we arrived inb Chang Mai mid-week last week. It’s a much nicer, smaller city than Bangkok. Like a big town really. Nothing much there happened. Went boozing, and then went on a 3-day Jungle trek. The trek involved walking through the jungle; staying with jungle tribes; building a raft out of bamboo; going down a river, rapids and a waterfall on that raft, and then riding an elephant. Sawtwo snakes along the way. It was prob the highlight so far, though I’m happy enough to be back in the “normal” world.

That’s things pretty much up to date. The bike accident was annoying in that it came when I’d really only began to feel like myself again. Yesterday was the first day I felt I’d come around to something like myself and got over the changed surroundings that swung in over the last two weeks. Over those weeks I found myself really shy, quiet, reserved and kind of like I often am when I’m around new people for the first time. I didn’t feel like me and only prior to the accident did I feel relaxed and like “Steve”.

The accident put me back. I missed home. Missed getting my wounds looked at at home and then resting on the couch or under my duvet. I guess I just felt a bit down and craved familliar surroundings. Although I’ve missed friends and family, last night was the first that I really missed home.

Tomorrow we will leave Pai for Soppobng for at least a day, and I’ll be happy to move on. I like it here but I’ve a belief in fate and energy. Energy in that some places you’ll buzz off cause you get a vibe off it. Pai should be that kind of place for me, but I ain’t feelin’ it brother! Too be honest, while I’m enjoying Thailand so far, I’m not really digging it. I think I miss the sea. I have great hopes for Vietnam. I’m looking forward to just looking out at the Ocean. Right now, I think I’ve got something of the land-locked blues.

Tune One that best sums up my mood.

Tune Two that best sums up my mood.

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