Album Review: Wallis Bird – New Boots….bit of Jigga too

wallis birdAs the title suggests, I’ve recently reviewed Wallis Bird’s second LP. You can read it here on the great State website.

Just watched a great documentary on Jay Z, straight after his Jonathan Ross performance. Lovin this tune. My new morning song. It’s fairly throwaway for sure but that’s the beauty of popular music – there’ll be another train along shortly. Got to check out Blueprint 3. Been kind of placing it down my list of stuff to listen to because of what my man when it comes to reviews says but, once I get through some other bits and pieces waiting to get a spin on the CD player (remember them?) it’ll be Jigga time. Off topic there, and so back to Wallis! If you don’t check out the review, at least head over to State. Here’s the bird.


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