Aloha! A re-up and touch-down U.S of A

I haven’t blogged in quite a while so I guess it’s time for  re-up. I’m in Hawaii. Flew in this morning from Fiji and the first thing to really strike me is the huge difference between the two Pacific Islands. Not that surprising I guess really, given that Hawaii is a US state, but it nonetheless takes one aback slightly.

Fiji was stunning, idyllic, and a mini-highlight on the world trip. Beautiful islands populated by wonderful people – it holds completely different values to Hawaii and was a striking reminder of what has impressed me about certain countries I’ve visited. While Hawaii so far seems populated by every lavish hotel and brand name store you can imagine, Fijians pay little each to materialism. Yes, as a country they are a poor people but what was notable – unlike perhaps Asia at times – was how genuinely friendly the people were and how they offered their friendliness without expectation of some monetary return. I really enjoyed my week there and it really reminded me of my travels in Asia. There was a real backpacker community and I got to bump into and meet some cool new people. It was fun.

I don’t want to diss Hawaii too much. I’ve only been here half a day and as such perhaps need to adjust to the vibes of the place. It is a totally different experience to where I’ve traveled over the last few months with Western Australia, Melbourne, NZ and Fiji  all very relaxed, backpacker friendly destinations. While there are plenty of backpackers here (and indeed some I bumped into in Fiji) there’s not quite the same vibes as other places. I dunno. maybe I’m just tired……and perhaps taken aback by the pace of life. This is the most Western place I’ve experienced since perhaps Sydney, and even Sydney is quite a laid back city by London/ American standards.

Saying that, I’m looking forward to my stint on the main land. America marks the last stage of my trip. In a months time I’m back in Europe. Mad eh? How time flies. Anyhow I’m well looking forward to San Fran, Nashville and mostly hooking up with Mr John Keane in New York. That’ll be fun. It’ll be good to meet up with a friend from home – one of the first since I left Jimmy in Oz.

Anyhow, Pearl Harbour visit tomorow and some more explorations of Hawaii. Maybe I’ll have more positive things to say tomorr. I’m sure I will.

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