Aussie Folk, Blue Mountains & Big Screens

One of the thing’s I’ve come to love about Australia is the unbridled enthusiasim held by certain Aussies – particularly those from ‘the Bush’.  Yesterday  I met a case in point.

Jim (or Geoff as my UK friends Anna and Victoria insisted on calling him) was one of our two tour guides yesterday around the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. A pure Aussie who loves his pies and apple turnovers, Jim epitomised the word ‘jolly’. His infectious appreciation for the Blue Mountains countryside was delivered with the kind-of ‘OMG’ excitement which Steve Irwin would have been proud of. The animals, the fauna, the scenery – all set Jim into a kind of spastic orgasm that couldn’t fail to entertain. I love that. There’s pure passion in the people, which only adds to the enjoyment of this stunningly beautiful country.

My favourite Jim moment – When we spotted a Cockatu (a bird) and Jim screamed “Look! A cockatu! They’re as rare as rockinghorse shit!

A joy as he was the Blue Mountains tour itself was a real success. Tick that box. Really enjoyed it, and despite some initial screw-ups on the part of our tour operator, it all went smoothly. I’ll stick some pics up soon, but if you’re ever in Sydney it’s worth seeing. Thankfully too our guides knew their stuff backwards and their interesting explanations as to the landscape only added to the enjoyment.

After the tour, myself, Anna and Victoria headed for the Imax on Darling Harbour. It’s the biggest screen in the world and, though we were hoping to see ‘U23D’, it wasn’t on so we went with ‘The Dark Knight’.  Man, what a movie! Yeah I’d seen it before but it really stands-out on a second viewing. Thought it fitting to watch on the day Heath Ledger (deservedly) won his Oscar.

So that aside, this news has made me very happy. I’ve changed my flight details too and will be home in July. Doing another six weeks here in Oz, four in New Zealand, one in Fiji, a few days in Hawaii, and just over a month in the US of A. Then it’s Glasto baby.

I’m not sure how I feel about wrapping up my travels early. True, Bruce and Glasto are the main reason behind it. I still think I might continue travels. Hmmm something to think about over a glass of wine. James and I are off to on a tour of some wineries tomorrow. Should be messy. Hopefully.

Tune of the Moment #1

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