Bangkok – Day 4 and 5

I found Bangkok a bit underwhelming to begin with. We arrived here on Thursday and initially my thoughts were that it was somewhat akin to Glastonbury. Certainly the area we’re in, Rambuttri Village, has a Glasto feel about it. Near the famed backpacker hub that is the Khao San road, it’s quite western orientated. Lots of places selling western food, etc and everything targeted towards tourists. The mood is very relaxed and very chilled out. The laziness of it reminded me of Thursday’s chilling in Glasto.

It was only when we trekked to Chinatown and this unbelievable maze of tight little underground stores, that the real Bangkok began to hit me. It’s much filthier than Singapore. I’ve seen more rats here than in all my life. Anyhow, I’ll post some more thoughts in a bit. Not in the mood for writing at the mo. Laters.

Quote of the day: Me, when trying to navigate our way through a city often devoid of street signs – “I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re going the right way.”

Traveled (Thursday and Friday): Singapore Airport – Bangkok Airport – Rambuttri Village – Kao San Road – University district – Emerald Budda – Grand Palace –  Democracy Monument – Chinatown – Pat Pong

Song that best sums up my mood

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