And the countdown is on! I’ve now less than a week in Sydney, which is sad ;( but also rather exciting 😉 It hasn’t  had the same impact on me as a London or a Toronto, but nonetheless I really do love it here. Sydney is very much a city to live in; to work in. It has all that you’d want. The lifestyle is great with beaches at your doorstep and (in the main) exceptionally good weather. In terms of being culturally exciting though, it’s severely lacking. The pubs aren’t up to it at all really and in general, it’s not really a good city for nightlife. I dunno. It’s just not a city for me really. It ain’t fit, but nonetheless I’ve done it. Tick.

I’m really looking forward to getting back on the road again and touching down in Perth – which will be my third Aussie  city to hit.  After spending nearly all my travels with a group, it’ll also be kind of exciting to head out on my own.  Since November myself, Jimmy and the two Swedes – Anna and Sofia – have pretty much travelled together, and it’ll be really sad to say goodbye to them, but it also feels like the next step – to do some travel on my own.

So the agenda is Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne for St Patrick’s Day and my mate Donal’s birthday. Then maybe the Formula 1 in Melbourne and certainly, Ayers Rock. It’ll be nice to get that buzz of heading to new places again.

So last few days in Sydney have been real good. Went for a beach day in Manly yesterday and did the ferry ride out there, which is real nice. Real stunning views of the city. Sydney has that real awe factor when approaching it from the sea. Just the views of the Opera House and the bridge. Stunning. We met up with Victoria, an English girl we met in Laos, and her mate Anna. Doing the Blue Mountains with them on Monday, which should be nice.

I also managed to track down a copy of Steve Martin’s novella ‘Shopgirl’, which was made into a very fine movie a few years back, and I’ve got some CD shopping on my mind. A big aspect of home I’m missing is the auld chin wags about new music. I’ve got a real buzz in my belly from some recent Facebook chattin (and arguing) about various bands with Phil, Lauren, A-Dogg and Jan Ni over the last while! For yee bunch – check this lovely Doves acoustic track and this Bright Eyes track with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

On Bright Eyes, I’m looking forward to his new Mystic Valley Band album. This track is pretty good and I was surprised their first album was absent from pretty much every end-of-year poll last Xmas. It was def one of my faves, and James’.

In other news. Good Specials interview here.  I’ve a curious interest in the new Prodigy record and think the next records on my ‘to buy list will be Empire of the Sun, Howling Bells, Ben Kweller, Dark was the Night (compilation), M Ward, The Saints and Paul Kelly.

Anybody heard those records? Hits or Misses?

Delorentos. RIP. One of my favourite Irish bands of the last while. Not amazing, but they were always the ones with the most potential – arguably more so than The Immediate.

P.S – Up The Villa! Come on! Big game today against Chelski. Bring on the Gabby and Ashley show!

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