Day One – Singapore

Singapore. Day one. We’ve been here for just over five hours now and to be honest, after the length of the trip, everything seems a bit dreamlike. Having said our final goodbyes in Dublin Airport at about 2pm yesterday, myself and James have been on the go nonstop with the traveling taking about 21 hours in total. We arrived in Singapore (via Frankfurt) 18:00 local time (or 11am back home). Easy trip via bus to our hostel and within 30min of arriving we met an Irish girl from Down. Turns out there’s a few more Irish in our 16 bed dorm also. Seems it’s true what they say – the Irish are everywhere. Hostel cost $55 for 3 nights (about 28 Euro). Not the best dorm in the world, but you can’t argue with the price and it has all we really need. Also met two cool Chinese lads, Jin and Jonah, who we went out with for some food and who helped us suss out what was good to eat. Had a pork and rice dish for $4.50 (about 2.25 Euro) and was cool. Singapore is a culture shock, but not to the extent I expect other places in SE Asia to be. English is spoken and written everywhere; the people seem very friendly and there’s no hassle. The hostel is in a kind of nightclub area and there’s a lot of local girls hangin around downstairs that seem like hookers (hey, it may just be the weather) but there’s no hassle from them, which is cool. Anyway I’m jet lagged and tired, so off to try and adjust the sleep pattern in time for tomorr. As I write this it’s 11:45pm, and 4:45 back home, so still trying to adjust to that. Didn’t get too much sleep on the flight, but watched ‘Harold and Khumer escape from Guantanamo Bay’, which was juvenile enough to make for a perfect start to the year! Laters.

Travelled: Dublin – Frankfurt – Singapore (airport) – Singapore (East Coast)

Quote of the day: James while having a beer before going through security in Frankfurt – “I don’t mind the idea of magic glove as much as I did. I mean it’s only two fingers really.”

The tune that best sums up today’s feelings.

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