Free in Fremantle with Bon Scott

So did some tourist shit in Fremantle today. Not that there’s a lot to do really. There’s a pier, a sea-front and a maritime museum, which I did as well as the Round House – the oldest building in Western Australia. From 1803 or someat. Maritime Museum was decent. Lot of history to it. Anyhow did all that. To be honest, the place really reminds me of Greencastle, Donegal. Of course it’s much bigger but I don’t know….even the sea reminds me of Greencastle. Weird eh. So I did the stroll, chilled out and ate Fish and chips. Did you know Bon Scott (he of AC/DC fame) grew up here? Me neither. So that’s Freo. Nice and all, my two days here was enough. Leavin for Perth city proper in the morn. That is it. Oh and James. James, James James. I leave him for one day and he gets a broken nose! Random attack. Bloody hell. No pun intended.

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