It Says In The Papers…. recommended articles

Some articles I’ve read in the past week that are  worth checking out:

Maverick Sabre Interview — Irish Times
Great interview with emerging hip-hop and soul star that really gets to the heart of what he’s about. Really sets himself out as ‘one to watch’
You’d hardly say New Ross in Co Wexford is a hip-hop hub, but Maverick Sabre reckons that’s just the point – the lyrics and emotions transcend boundaries, writes JIM CARROLL

Comply With Me — Irish Times
We all know what it’s like using Ryanair, but what’s it actually like working there? CONOR POPE visits Ryanair’s central hub in Dublin and finds its like a well-run cult.

Like Crazy Review – The Guardian
As usual, PETER BRADSHAW nails it with this well thought out review.

Get Fit Like A Movie Star
We’ve all heard the stories of actors shaping up within a few months for a role, but how do they do it? The Guardian’s KELLY BOWERBANK went through three months training for this excellent video feature.

How 10 major Songwriters Make Big Money
Excellent photo/ feature as always from Rolling Stone




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