Jailed (and freed) in New Zealand

Well into my New Zealand trip at this stage and having fun…if still kind of missing Melbourne. I left Christchurch fairly sharpish after spending two nights in jail*. Wasn’t too bad actually and I’m sure I could do time again in the future pretty easily. Headed then yesterday morning to Kaikoura in the north east of the south island. There I was hoping to go whale watching but that was cancelled because of shite weather. Boo!

In Nelson now, which is a pretty cool little town. I’m digging it. However, I’ve a 5:30 start tomorrow morn in go to Abel Ttasman National Park, where I’ll do a 20km walk (Are you proud Jimmy James?) and some sailing. Should be a fun Good Friday. I’m flying into the trip so far and I guess glad I got here early. It’s gonna be tight to get everything in and have a few days relaxing in places I like.

On night one I met some cool folk studying in Hamiltom – Diana from Germany and Josh from the U.S of A. Cool folk and hope to hang with them again soon. The folk on the bus I’m on have also been top so far. So that’s it. Very little boozing (which is good).  I feel all ready for the weekend!

* Jail in Christchurch is actually an old jail converted into a hostel. Pretty cool hostel actually.

Ooh, and listening lots to Bob Dylan lately. I love his break-up/ remorse songs. Loads of folk go on about Dylan’s genius with words and phrasing. I kind of like how he captures sentiment, and how he conveys that not just in words but within his vocal style.

Dylan song of the moment 1

Dylan song of the moment 2

And yes, I know I’ve used these Dylan songs before here but what the hell.

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