Krissi Murison Becomes NME's First Female Editor

Krissi-MurisonCongratulations are in order for Krissi Murison, who has become the NME’s first female Editor. Krissi gave me my first gigs in NME a number of years ago and (as you’d expect) is an absolute music nut. A fab lady, she’ll no doubt be excellent in the role.

Her appointment wasn’t unexpected. She was my tip when Conor McNicholas announced he was stepping down last month and has held a variety of titles within the publication since arriving in 2003, including her previous title with the magaine as Deputy Editor.

It’s a great move on behalf of publishers IPC, not only because of her experience, but – without harping too much on the fact Krissi’s obviously female – it will be interesting to see how the title will change in the coming years. NME has traditionally been very much a ‘lad’ magazine, often filled with blokish cliches and ladish angles on features and is in need of change. It will be interesting to see how she affects that change and should be an interesting, and hopefully successful Editorship. Congrats!

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