Lana Del Rey – The real deal or manufactured?

You’ve probably already heard the rumours and read the arguments about Lana Del Rey — or Lizzy Grant — that have been exploding on the blogosphere over the past few months as the backlash has begun before here “debut” album is released. The argument has been that Del Rey is not the ‘real’ talent many had been bowled over with when ‘Video Games’ hit the internet last summer and in fact has been moulded and modelled to fit this brash, pouting and confident ‘Nancy Sinatra’ image.

On Saturday, The Guardian published a fine, fine piece, that kind of pulls the whole story to-date together. You can read it here

It basically tells of the change she’s undergone in the past number of years; the money pumped into her (she’s the daughter of a millionaire) and the extent that her record company and management have gone to try and erase her past career as Lizzy Grant from the internet. For example, here is a video for Kill Kill, the lead track from a 2010 Lizzy Grant EP, that I couldn’t find anywhere on YouTube (the re-recorded Lana Del Rey version is up there).

Her ‘debut’ album, Born To Die, out next week, is actually her second album. Her first was released under her real name, Lizzy Grant, and was called Lana Del Rey (confusing, yes).

Below is one of the Lizzy Grant clips mentioned in The Guardian article. It’s an article well worth reading. And Lana (above) looks quite different to Lizzy (below), especially in terms of attitude.


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