Last Night I Nearly Died…well not really

Ok, a little over dramatic yes but boy was my flight to New Zealand rough. Shocking turbulence which gave the plane a serious of great shakes as I flew over the Tasman sea from Melbourne to Christchurch. I’m not a great flyer at the best of times either. I don’t mind it too much but I don’t enjoy it either. I usually need a shot or two of whiskey to push me through the journey. Last night I needed a quarter bottle.

You see, there was more than the turbulence to make me feel anxious. As the plane rattled I felt that I wasn’t suppossed to have been on it and that all that day and the night before God had been trying to prevent me from making the decision to get on the flight. See I’m a big believer in signs and paths – that the people you meet and connect with in your life, you’re meant to meet. That it’s destiny and it’s up to you to seize the moment. Should you not you’ll get another shot with that place, person, job. What is for you will never pass by you, in other words.

So here’s the signs:
The night before my friends Amy and Christine had tried to convince me to change my flights and stay an extra week in Melbourne.
I’d gone as far as to ring Qantas who said I could change the flight very cheaply.
The next morning I had text messages urging me to stay.
I really felt like I should stay, like I wanted to stay.
I got awful cramp in my leg that day and couldn’t walk for a bit without some pain in my leg.
My taxi showed up late.
The bus to the airport I’d been banking on getting me there on time was full and I had to wait for another.
I got sick in the airport.

Ok, maybe not signs but while I was knocking back the whiskey as turbulence tossed the plane, all these things were racing through my head…..but it’s all proved nonsense I guess. I arrived in New Zealand alright in the end I suppose.

So far, it seems ok. Christchurch though is a comedown from Melbourne. I fell in love with the city thanks in no small part to the people I was hanging out with. Big shout out to Donal, Siobhan, Jamie, Ginny, Christine, Christy, Denise, Jarlath, Julia, Ellen, Julie, Amy, Ellen, James, Paul, Maria, Peeny, Hazel, Laura, Seanie, J2, Deirdre, Carl and all others I bumped into along the way over three weeks in Melb. I left in the midst of a great time, and as one friend told me, I should leave when things are good.

Anyhow, already I’m thinking of a return to Australia and Melbourne to work proper. I loved it there. Miss it now, but I’ve got to throw myself into New Zealand. Everyone says I’ll love it. Fingers crossed. I’m going to leave Christchurch in the morn, so not much time here. Feel I should get moving.

Listening to lots of Badly Drawn Boy, The Beatles, Ben Lee, Evan Dando and Crowded House at the moment.

Song of the moment 1

Song of the moment 2 (for Perth Western Exposure trip really)

Song of the moment 3

Song of the moment 4

Song of the moment 5

Song of the moment 6

Song of the moment 7

Song of the moment 8 (Great Video)

Song of the moment 9 (love the line your in the east getting away, I’m in the west getting led astray)

Song of the moment 10 (Because I’m in New Zealand, love this song)

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