Manic Election

LISTENING to lots of Manic Street Preachers at the moment and their tunes seem ever so apt for the election. This is such an important election for Ireland yet the build-up has been decidedly odd. Not one politician has come a knocking on my door and this has been a common report for many. Fear? Maybe. These mass TV debates — one trying out do the other — haven’t been particularly helpful either and the lack of political talent out there is depressing. Anyhow, I’m venting.

What has been encouraging is the surge in Independent candidates out there. Almost half of all candidates are Independents (233), which is double the number on last year and a record for Ireland. It’s encouraging to see — regardless of their politics — people actually standing up and trying to do something about the bleak situation the country faces into rather than just vent from the stool. If You Tolerate This…, etc. Here’s two particularly apt Manic tunes.




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