Milking Michael Jackson

michael-jackson-yeahAnd so the vultures swoop. When news came out that a ‘documentary’ was to be cobbled together from rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson’s ill-fated comeback shows, there was a collective sigh as concert backers AIG hatched a scheme to try and recoup the money they’d lost on the project. As per usual they paper it over with such crap like ‘the fan’s deserve to see what this spectacular show would have been’, etc. Now they’re goin to jump into Jackson’s back catalogue and put out an album in conjunction with the movie, which will feature one new track.

‘This Is It’, will be the movies title track and first new Jackson material in eight years. It’ll be available on October 22. Don’t groan too loud, but it’ll also feature backing vocals from the Jackson 5 brothers. There’ll be some unreleased mixes of older tracks which were unreleased for a reason, as well as (lord spare us) a spoken word Jackson poem entitled ‘Planet Earth’.

Just in time for Christmas, this will no doubt be the first of a slew of posthumous recordings. He’ll be doing well to rival Tupac who, despite being dead almost 14 years, has released five new albums and has a sixth pencilled in for next year.

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