More on those 'best of' lists

Hard to get away from those lists, eh. The Irish Times were at it again today with a really cheap ‘reader’s comments’ feature, which involved grabbing a few comments off blogs and printing. Bit off topic, but have blog comments on newspaper sites ruined the Letters section. The IT was always known for a strong letters section and it housed, and still does to an extent, some nice debates. Wouldn’t more concise arguments have made for a more interesting feature rather than tokenistic, and spur of the moment, adlibs?

But I digress, it’s a piece in The Guardian from Simon Reynolds on these lists which is quite interesting. His basic point is on listening habits and consensus – that they’ve grown so far apart and that access to great music, and more great music being made than most other decades, means it’s hard to gauge just what has impacted most.

It draws me back to the IT, whose books best of was made under ‘most influential’ rather than ‘best’. Now that might be a more interesting list when it comes to looking back on 10 years of music.

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