Not Fussed For A Picnic; Liking New Zealand

Man, I don’t think too much of the Electric Picnic line-up this year.I mean sure, there’s a splatter of acts there worth catching, but at 240 euro!! When you consider the sterling: euro  exchange rate and the fact Glasto (Bruce, Neil, Blur, Kanye, Franz, Glasvegas, Fleet Foxes and pretty much the best of the EP line-up) is 185 quid it’s outrageous. And yes EP is smaller fest, thus higher costs and not as much mula running through the gate, blah, blah  but I dunno. It’s always a great weekend, but then again any weekend with all your mates is always great. I’d prefer getting a gang together for Roskilde, Lowlands, Benacassim or the like. I wasn’t that gone on EP last year. It’s a festival which draws almost total positive criticism and I feel some Irish writers are a bit blinkered when reviewing it as a festival. In much the way most Irish journalists are also almost across the board negative about Oxegen. I don’t like the crowd at Oxegen or the venue and facilities, but then again I’m not 19 and I’ve been too enough festivals to expect that bit better. I think a really interesting feature would be too take two teenage journalists to Oxegen and Electric Picnic and get them to write on their experiences. Anyhow, I’m not running down the Picnic, I do love it and have enjoyed each weekend I’ve been there. I just don’t think it’s as great as people make it out too be. To me, the only festival that consistently delivers is Glastonbury. With Ep, it’s debatable it works as a small fest when the line-up isn’t up to it. Forget the other arts shit. I bet ya most paying punters would welcome the binning of that part of the festival in favour of better headliners.

Anyhow, rant over. I’m in Wanaka at the moment. Still in the South Island of NZ and have found myself within a great group of people, so having loads of fun. Not much boozing, lots of hiking and shit like that. Headed to Queenstown though in an hour, which is NZ’s party capital, so that could all change! But yeah, am having fun. Traveling on my own and without James or someone I know and who knows me pretty well I’ve began to notice the changes in me. They say traveling changes you and yeah, I think I’ve changed alright in a pretty positive way. I dunno.

So what else. Bought some new music from the south island. Saw Gran Torino last night and digged it. And yeah, that’s it. I cant’s wait for Glasto.

Oh, how much has the Irish music scene changed in the last few months – Delorentos gone, Humanzi dropped (new tune is pretty poor), Mighty Stef playing Benacassim and Director dropped. Still don’t dig FLA by the way.


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