Oasis Split! I can't believe it…..

noel-gallagher-20060422-124303I’m quite upset at hearing the news that Oasis have split…that that’s that. Noel has quit. There’s been a bust-up a few minutes before they were to take the stage in France and Noel has had enough.

I saw it coming…..I guess everyone did in a way. The stories coming out of this 13 month tour are that the brothers have barely spoken to each other and that everyone saw something coming. They’d insulted each other through interviews, but tonight was the first time it became verbal – one-to-one – and it got physical.

And that’s it. Noel’s walked before but there seems a finality about this occasion. It’s gone official. He’s blamed Liam and I can’t see him turning back. In truth, Liam needs Oasis more than he does. I hope to fuck Liam doesn’t attempt to flog a dead horse. Like it or not Liam, Noel was the heart and soul of Oasis – the driving force.

Shit, I’ll sleep on this and try write something better in the morning. I wish this wasn’t the case. For all you Oasis dissers, you know, I guess you just didn’t get it. This was my generation. This was my band. 14-years-old. 1994. Hearing Supersonic for the first time on The Word. Feeling a part of something while everyone else was waiting for a new GnR record or mourning Kurt. I didn’t get that at the time. I got Oasis.

Here’s the best piece so far I’ve read on the split since learning of it a half hour ago. Go Neil Mc Cormick

UPDATE: Love this Tweet from Alan McGee (he who ‘discovered’ Oasis and signed them to Creation Records) – “Just got phoned by somebody at Rock en Seine that Oasis have just split up an hour ago and manager or tour manager made the announcement to 50,000 fans. Madness are now playing 2 sets as they played already at festival. f*** knows…

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