Picador aquire The Tenderloin

In keeping with The Social Network, Picador’s latest acquisition from an Irish writer and film-makers sounds quite interesting

The Tenderloin will be published in July 2011 and is said to be “a very funny but also very moving story of a young Irishman coming of age in San Francisco in the 90s.” The novel tells the tale of Dubliner Evan and his pal Milo and is set in 1995 in “a city on the cusp of a revolution” thanks to the big boom in Microsoft, Netscape and Yahoo!

Anybody who’s been to San Fran will know The Tenderloin as one of the city’s more colourful districts. Right next to the heart of the city centre, it’s where the city’s homeless, drug addicted, down and out and often crazy community hang out. Walk a block left or right of it and its fine, but walk in and it’s some experience. It’s certainly an interesting place to set a novel and given the technology boom association, Butler’s novel sounds more than a little interesting and has potential movie written all over it.

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