Review: Stone Roses – All For One

IT’S a tightrope. Twenty years on from their last new material, all you can hope for is that the Stone Roses return in a manner that doesn’t tarnish their legacy whilst also managing to somehow sound of now.

All For One hits all the right touchstones of classic Roses – the chiming guitars, shuffling drums, Ian Brown’s melodic and swaggering vocal, a big Squire solo and lyrics of unity. Anthemic in both its sound and structure, it’s clear that the Manchester four-piece are keenly aware of their place as a stadium-sized band – this is a tune designed to be sung by merry middle-aged men crammed in big fields.

With such an adored back catalogue – one that has had more than 20 years to bed into the fabric of most of their fans lives – All For One will take more than a few listens to find its place. Not vintage, but not bad. As a comeback song, it’s a fine taster for where the band may go with the upcoming album.

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