Rooftop Lodge Boredom – Still In Sydney

Oddly, the weather has been pretty poor in Sydney the last two weeks. Coming out of a 40 Degree heatwave two weeks ago, the rain and drizzle has made the city closer to a summer in Dublin with jeans the norm over shorts for the last week or so. Yes, I’m still in Sydney. I’ll have spent two weeks here by the time I leave, which officially (in my book anyway) classes it as a place where I’ve lived, rather than a holiday. It’s a fantastic city in many regards. The deeper you immerse yourself within, the more you appreciate it. However, trying to keep within a backpacker budget whilst trying to fend off boredom has been a challenge – especially when you’re not working. I’ve made the choice not to work – though that choice may have just as well been made for me. Everyone is struggling for work.  There are four of us in our flat and only one of us have managed to get work within the field they’re looking in. To be honest, I didn’t make a great effort in searching for work. I made my might up fairly early on in arriving in Oz that I’d just prefer to travel and keep roughly to my plan of returning to Dublin later this year. James on the otherhand is going to stay in Oz, provided of course he can find work.

So that means we’ll soon be heading our seperate ways. I’m pretty much done with Sydney though am kind of tied here until the end of the month. That or loose $240 of a deposit, which isn’t the end of the world, but it is better in my pocket. So on Feb 28th I’m going to head to Perth aboard the Indian Pacific. It’s a cross-continental train and the only one in the world, I believe, that links two oceans. So it should be an exciting way to see the country – or an excruciating one. To just pay for seat – no bed – it’s $300 dollars one way. And it’s 3 nights long! Of course I could fly cheaper and in less time, but who wants to look at clouds. It’ll be an experience, I think

From Perth I hope to tour the West Coast – largely untouched by the majority of backpackers – and then Ayers Rock and Melbourne, before leaving for New Zealand on April 12th. From there it’s Fiji and Hawaii in May; the US in May/ June and then back to Europe for Glastonbury!

So that’s my update. I’ve done little of real worth in the last month – though saying that there’s been some good gigs and some good nights out. Ryan Adams in particular.

But in the most it’s been spent in a room – in Glebe, Sydney. Four bunk beds, two Swedes and two Irish battling boredom, watching DVDs and not even drinking that much. Boy I can’t wait to do stuff again!

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