Sick (again) and slow boat on the horizon

Just a quick update. We’re in Chang Mai again. Had planned to leave for Laos today but I got pretty sick last night and just couldn’t go. Turned out Jimmy got sick today too so was for the best for both. We are though going tomorr provided we’re okay. i feel alot better, Jimmy’s at the mid-way point. Hopefully all will be cool. So that is it for now. Really did nothing last few days and in a down mood really the last while. Am sure all will change in coming days. We’re taking a slow boat down the Mekong on Thurs and Friday. You’d want to see the boat. Basic isn’t the word. Sorry to be crude, but the shitter is apparently just a hole down the back. On it for 6 hours o Thurs, 9 on Friday. The Jonathan Swift, it ain’t. Still will be different. I’m realling we’re about to turn a corner in the trip. Gagging to hear the new Oasis album. Came down to net cafe mainly to download it but forgot bloody ITunes wire! Tomorrow.

Tune that best sums up mood.

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