Singapore – Day 2 and 3 – The Bon Jovi Brothel

So last night (Tuesday) James and I ended up singing Bon Jovi songs in a brothel…in the Muslim area of the city…during Ramadan. It’s not what you’re thinking. Bare with me…. Our street, Joo Chiat Street, is pretty lively. Lots of bars, restaurants and clubs all frequented by locals. There’s very few westerners around. As I mentioned in my previous posts there’s also lots of scantily clad women around and at least some of them have got to be on the game. They got to be. They haven’t approached us our anything like that, and there’s no hassle, but you just know. Anyhow, all the pubs have blackened out doors and windows. Last night we decided to walk down our road to the coast with Louise, a girl from Co Down who is also staying in our hostel. We took a look into a karoke bar and seemed fine. Went in, sat down, got a jug of beer. Everyone was singing karaoke. After a while we noticed that there were hooker girls about but it seemed cool. Later we realised they were taking blokes upstairs to do the bad thing! Anyhow was a bit of craic. James and I sang Wanted Dead or Alive and Blaze of Glory (which he was very proud of. Today he said “I feel so good today. I’m really happy I sang ‘Blaze of Glory’ last night. I used to know all the words). We all sang ‘Flouresent Adolescent’ and Louise, Maroon Five’s ‘Sunday Morning’. Them the details.

Day two was good. Did a shit load of walking. Myself, Jimmy and Louise walked around the city centre for about nine hours. Took in a few sights and ate in Chinatown. The city centre is so so clean and cosmopolitan. It really reminded me of London to be honest. Loads and loads of shopping centres and all the designer brands. Big Louis Vutton shops etc. Went to Raffles. Real plush. Not our style! Also walked through a pretty cool park, had some mid-day beers and chilled out generally. Night was as above.

Wednesday, day three was a washout. I took a sleeping tablet the night before on top of 7 huge tiger beers (630ml) and was like a zombie until mid-afternoon. Still did a fair bit though. Went to Sentoza Island, a kind of resort Island off the city. Real nice and like a slice of paradise away from city life. We got there via cable car, which was ace. Then we took a lupe (like a go-kart) down the hill to the beach. Chilled there. It’s really catered towards western tourists, but then so is most of Singapore. Took a skyride back up, which is basically a bench carried skywards on a cable. Again cool. Helped conquer my fear of heights. That night we went to Raffles and spent a ridiculous $22 on a Singapore Sling, the famed cocktail invented at the hotel. Ridiculous.

Quote of the day(s): When drunk and debating whether to ring home at 2am local time as it was 7pm back home – James: “My advice is that it’s not advisable”

Traveled: Joo Chiat Road – City Hall – Raffles Place – Lion sight thing – China Town – Orchard Road – East Coast Road – Raffles Hotel – Sentoza Island

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