Sleepwalking from Sydney to Perth

Just touched down in Perh, Western Australia a few hours ago. It felt like I sleepwalked here. I left Sydney at 4:15am this morn after a really nice night of tapas and beers with James and the sweet Swedes. Was great and already missing that crew….a lot actually. The flight just seems bizarre in my memory. I was pretty pissed. Feels like a dream really. Like I just woke up here or something. It’s weird being out here on your own. I don’t know. After nearly six months with James and four with the same crew, it’s gonna take some getting used too. Still, I’m sure I’ll have fun.

I’m staying in a town called Fremantle, which is just outside Perth. Pretty cool and chilled out. It’s on the sea and has some cool little shops.  One great rock memorabilia shop and one great record shop in particular. Gonna chill here tonight and tomorr. Pretty wrecked after no sleep and a skin full of vodka and red bull so an easy Sat night is on the cards for Stevo. So next week, it’s in to Perth city for two days then I’m off on an organised week long trip up the West coast. Hopefully meet some cool heads.

That bank robbery in Dublin is mad. Just what the banks needed! Bloody hell. Could it have happened at a worse time? I hope they nail those bloody scumbags. Obviously being a huge robbery – Ireland’s biggest – it made the news here in Oz. Just on the TV there. Right, food, Rolling Stone magazine and maybe cinema or film later. It’s been a big day. I’ve crossed a continent and done a journey the equivalent of Dublin to New York. Just gives you an idea of the size of this great country. Over and out.

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