Still in Pai and can’t wait until Sunday

So we’re still in Pai. Aarrrghh. Only joking. Not so bad now. On Wednesday night we met an english and a german girl and ended up going on the piss with them, which pretty much wrote off yesterday. We had to carry Jimmy home and me unable to walk proper. Was pretty funny at the time. I’ve been glad though of just resting up, as my knee is still sore. It’s healing well but the bruising means it’s sore when I bend it. James is back on the bike and along with the two girls headed for Soppong today, 70km north west of here. I was happy to leave them at it and just take it easy, rest up. So that is it. Met a string of cool people here, which is great. Met an Israeli guy called Omar who I just buzz off. He’s a big guy, and you spot him the odd time outside bars and cafes talking the talk. He’s a stereotypical Israeli, jewish guy and I’m so tempted to ask him to say “Sheeeshh Oi Oi Oi”.

Villa did enough last night to get into the group stages of the Uefa Cup. I can’t wait for Sunday. Villa V Chelsea. I haven’t been this excited about a Villa game in a while. I really really think we’ll win and hey, I know what you’re thinking, but if loving Aston Villa is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! Up the Villa.

Tune that best sums up mood

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