The Great DVD Recession

So its all ‘recession this’ and ‘recession that’ at home eh? If anything it should pave the way for some artistic delights. I’m liking this short film a lot – Scenes From The Great Recession 2009.  A little hilarious delight!

On the iPod – It’s Beck’s Sea Change LP. His best I think. I just love the lyrical simplicity to it and the fact that it catches Beck at his most open and sincere.  Check out this great Rolling Stone review and the album’s standout track, Lost Cause. Great video too.

So I just got out three DVDs – ‘Once’, ‘Philadelphia, Here I Come’ and ‘Fast Food Nation’ – and our crappy DVD player doesn’t want to play any of them, or the ‘Entourage’ discs Jimmy and the girls got. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a piece of technology so much. Grrrrrrr. So I’m off to the cinema to check out ‘Zack & Miri Make a Porno’ and looking forward to some Kevin Smith filth. Get in!

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