Train to Chang Mai – Whiskey, thoughts and Kate Rusby

(I wrote this last Tuesday night in my notebook but only now got around to posting. Here for posterity)

I didn’t sleep much on the night train last night. A mixture of a bumpy ride and just taking the time to look out the window and think. I liked the romanticized idea of the sleeper. I thought of people like Jack Kerouac, Paul Simon and America whilst gazing out at the night sky and the stars. And the time to think was good. I thought of people back home. people in my life past, etc. It’s often said that some go traveling to find themselves, some to test themselves, and others to learn more about themselves and the world. The best thing traveling gives you though is time. In our modern day-to-day, life is so rushed and time alone, time to think, is less freely available. Traveling and the road gives you that time. I think that’s what Conor Oberst (who I’m listening to lots lately) was getting at in his tune ‘Moab’. Lyrically apt, you can listen to it here. There’s so much to see and do when on the road – you’d get dizzy looking through the guide books at the amount on offer. After the bustling, in-your-face nature of Bangkok though, lying back on a moving train looking at the stars, sipping whiskey and listening to music was exactly what was need. A highlight. As for Miss Rusby – see link below.

Traveled: Bangkok – Chang Mai (Actually took 18 hours)

Tune that sums up mood

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