Tune of the Day #7 – Coldplay (Tokyo)

Just returned from East Asia after a fantastic two weeks away to take in a fab wedding of two friends just outside Seoul (hello Rob and Misung), followed by a trip to weird and wonderful Tokyo.

Tokyo is, of course, one of the world’s premier cities and really like no other. It’s just, well, different and hard to explain why. Sofia Coppola’s ‘Lost in Translation’, in parts, gives a good indicator of what the city is like. In terms of music, I struggle to find a tune that best equates the experience. Coppola uses My Bloody Valentine, Kevin Shields and Air to soundtrack her movie but they, for me, more sum up the isolation of her characters than the city itself. That grainy, droned-out sound that Shields is famed for just doesn’t equate with the city’s vibrancy. Tokyo’s real sound is in the continuous electronic, gaming sounds that flood the streets from it’s multitude of arcades and wacky shops, but this noise – often unbearable -only works with actually being there. The double sensation of sight and sound.

So today’s tune of the day is a mish-mash of song and video that reminds me of last week. The song – Coldplay’s Lovers in Japan. There’s the obvious reference, but I like the tempo to the song, which though rushed, is never fevered and is propelled by a really flowing and vibrant melody. And that’s what I felt about Tokyo. Big city. Busy, but never too pushy, and always pulsating in colour.


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