Zack, Miri and Ben Folds

Hmmmm. Wasn’t to sure about ‘Zack & Miri…’ Yeah there are some absolutely hilarious moments but it ain’t one of Smith’s finer movies. I don’t know, apart from some particularly laugh-out-loud moments, it’s not really that funny. I know every Kevin Smith fan will judge this against ‘Clerks’, though if you do judge an artists work by his last offering then ‘Zack & Miri…’ is very much behind ‘Clerks 2’. Again, Smith mixes some toilet-humour with sentimentality (Ala pretty much all his movies) but he just doesn’t cut it here. I’ll hopefully post a fuller, more-detailed review in the coming days. In the meantime, here is one of the movies stand-out scenes where Justin Long (‘Die Hard 4’; ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’) steals the scene. Smith and ‘Clerks 2’ have had a particular influence on myself and Jimmy on our travels. I’ve the movie on my iPod and the filth that has been coming out of our mouths is straight out of the Smith brand of humour. We’ve even had to start a kind of ‘filth-box’. A dollar a go!

Anyhow, off to tour the Blue Mountains outside Sydney in the morning. Busy week of cramming all I want to nail in Sydney. Should be an exciting week.

Listening to lots of Ben Folds at the mo and love the tune ‘Gone’ from ‘Rockin The Suburbs’. The video for it is pretty damn good and it’s one of my tunes of the moment below.

Tune of the Moment #1

Tune of the Moment #2

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