As part of my MA in Creative Digital Media, I took a Design Practice module, which was essentially a crash-course in graphic design and layout. Below are some examples of my work from that module

Cassadaga —Logo and Branding

The brief was to create a logo and branding for a business of our choosing. We had to design all aspects of the logo from scratch and detail the rationale behind our decision to use a certain style or typeface. Having never studied design before, the brief was quite challenging. I chose a fictional modern coffee shop called Cassadaga and below are the logo I created and it’s application in branding.




Hitchcock — Movie Poster

The brief was to take any Alfred Hitchcock movie and create an eye-catching movie poster using only three colours. I chose North By Northwest. The movie’s plot centers around mistaken identity. The lead character (Cary Grant) is chased by men who believe he is a man called George Kaplan, and Grant spends much of the movie trying to figure out just who George Kaplan is.