Yelling Bones – interview for The Sunday Times

Three years ago I met Myles McDonnell, songwriter and former bassist with Whipping Boy, to discuss that band’s brilliant second album, Heartworm ahead of it’s 20th anniversary. You can read that interview with Whipping Boy for The Irish Times here.

At the end of our interview, Myles played me a track that he was working on with Gerry McGovern. It was a new project, Yelling Bones, and I was immediately hooked by the ethereal music and lived-in vocal. We kept in touch and on March 8th Yelling Bones released their debut album, Outside. It’s a beautifully layered album that is more and more enjoyable with each listen.

I met the band at their base in Co Meath last month and interviewed them for The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine.

You can read that interview in full here. It’s behind a paywall but you can sign up with just your email to read it and another article for free.


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