About Steve Cummins

Steve Cummins

I am a freelance journalist, content designer and editor based in Dublin, Ireland.

If you have a project you’d like me to work on, contact me here.

I mostly write about music, arts and culture, specialising in interviews, reviews and features.

Over the past two decades in journalism, I have also worked as:

  • News Reporter
  • Online and Digital Editor
  • Assistant Sports Editor
  • Arts and Culture Editor
  • Online Multi-Media News Reporter
  • News Sub-Editor
  • Sports Sub-Editor
  • Magazine Editor


I am multi-media trained and have a strong and diverse range of digital skills.

My skill sets include:

  • Journalism – reporting, feature writing, critical reviews and interviewing celebrities
  • Content Design – part writing, part UX and part accessibility discipline for writing user-focussed content for the web
  • Audio recording and production using Zoom Recorder and Pro Tools
  • Video editing, recording and production
  • Apps programming, coding and development
  • Layout and design skills using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Create, code and design websites using WordPress, CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • Communications – for more than 10 years I have worked as Communications Director


Amongst many print and online titles my work has appeared in:
client list

  • The Sunday Times
  • NME
  • The Irish Times
  • Irish Independent
  • RTÉ
  • Nylon magazine
  • Hot Press
  • Nylon Guys
  • The Sunday Independent
  • The Irish Post


This is content design.

I’m skilled in this discipline of creating user-focussed content for the web.

As a content designer I have worked on a number of high-profile projects where I have:

  • led the projects
  • researched and developed content plans
  • created content and edited to content design principles
  • carried out user testing
  • repeat


Launched Legend of Fionn: The Salmon of Knowledge on the iPad in 2015.
View a promo video for the AppStore app here.

Legend of Fionn:

  • An interactive e-book for the iPad
  • You can read it and interact with the various elements on the screen.
  • It’s based on The Salmon of Knowledge, a story from modern mythology.

My role as part of a three-person development team was:

  • coding the app
  • bug fixing using the Corona SDK
  • writer of our slightly darker version of the myth to compliment the aesthetic created by my fellow team member, Rob Hunt.


Communications Director for more than 10 years with First Fortnight, an arts-based initiative aimed at challenging mental health prejudice and discrimination.

I offer my time on a voluntary basis and also sit on the charity’s Board of Directors.

Our media books regularly came in at in excess of €1million in terms of the advertising spend equivalent for the press I was able to generate.

You can check out First Fortnight here


My skills in video production include:

  • video editing
  • camera operation
  • production
  • direction
  • writing and research

I co-produced this short documentary on Dublin’s Moore Street. The doc was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and also used After Effects.

Moore Street — An Uncertain Future

Short documentary on the 1916 site on Moore Street in the centre of Dublin.

My contribution was as:

  • writer
  • producer
  • editor
  • researcher
  • interviewer
  • co-director

Made as part of MA in Creative Digital Media (DIT)

The Road — Opening Title Sequence

Made using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro overlaying some original footage that I shot, as well as overlays on stills from the movie.


  • Capture the mood of the movie ‘The Road’
  • Ensure sequence dovetails seamlessly into the start of the film, using images, sound and effects

Effects created in this sequence:

  • rain
  • rain drops on the camera
  • sun going down
  • sun-beams
  • fog
  • clouds moving
  • birds flying across the screen
  • fire
  • smoke by the river

All work reproduced on this website is © Steve Cummins.